March 2012

Carrying Babies

Back Pain Etc

The most difficult thing about carrying and holding babies is that your back starts to ache. After it starts to ache, it starts to hurt, and after it starts to hurt it becomes crazily, unbelievably painful and leaves you a crippled remnant of your former self.


It doesn't make much of a difference whether you carry the baby around in your arms or in an authentic Nez Perce baby board like the one in this picture. You might carry the baby in a cute little sling or in a rugged-looking baby backpack. It won't make any difference either way, except possibly to concentrate the pain in new and innovative configurations. For instance, if you carry the baby by hand you usually have to have all the weight over to one side, with your shoulders raised. This produces a very distinct pain-pattern from the burning neck trauma caused by a baby backpack.

Baby Shows, Mama Dada Shows...

And Man Shows

My older daughter considers everything on television and Netflix to be divided into two categories: “baby shows” and “mama dada shows.” Baby shows are watched during the daytime, and mama dada shows are watched at night. Baby shows are shows like Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, Max and Ruby, Octonauts and so forth and so on. Mama dada shows are shows like The X-Files, Cheers, The Simpsons and so forth.

Attachment Theory

Early Childhood Psychology

“Attachment theory” explains how children develop the ability to have stable, loving and successful relationships as they grow. It all begins with an attachment figure, the person the baby spends the most time with. This is the person the baby expects to see when she has a need, the person she's expecting to come and help her when she cries. Historically in our society this has been the mother, but now it can just as easily be the father and in many cases someone else.


Don't Fear Them, Embrace Them

If you're the parent of a teenager, you may be worried if your kid starts to show signs of getting involved in a subculture of some kind such as punk or goth. People might try to present it to you as an unhealthy choice, merely by virtue of being unusual or non-mainstream in their own eyes. You may feel this way yourself.