January 2012

Getting Done With Work Early

Advantages of Getting Up With The Baby

I'm getting my work day started very early today, very early indeed. I was awake with the baby at five-thirty in the morning. My breakfast was finished by six-thirty, and I started working by seven. Before the clock hits the number ten, I fully expect to be done for the day. Considering that I normally don't finish up until around five pm, this is nothing short of remarkable. But there's a very simple reason for it.

Rocket Ship Blastoff!

To The Planet of Fizzy Water Bottles

One thing that's really cool about kids is that they have no real sense of the plausible and the implausible, and they don't really know how the world works. The result of this is that their games can sometimes be amazingly surrealistic.


Yesterday I was having a really hard time getting any work done because the baby was just not settling down. So what I had to do was to keep her in a cradle in the kitchen because it has a little dog toy in it with a button that makes it bark, laugh, play music and display flashing lights, all of which is just insanely entertaining to a two-month-old. Every time she fell asleep for a little while I would run into the living room, grab my laptop, and do a little work until she started fussing again.