December 2011


How Do You Explain It To A Pre-Schooler?

My oldest daughter discovered lying recently. I'm not sure how it happened exactly- whether she learned it by example from the kids at her preschool, or whether she developed it all on her own out of a simple desire to avoid getting a time-out.


But either way, she's definitely started doing it. If I tell her to stop fussing about not getting a lollipop, she'll keep right on fussing but she'll change the official reason for it. So instead of saying “I want a lollipop, I want a lollipop,” she'll start telling me she misses her friends or that she's cold. And then if I ask her what would make it better, can you guess what the answer is? That's right- a lollipop!

Video Games

A Necessary Evil?

I don't like video games, and I never really have. To be honest, I did used to play Pac Man when I was a kid, and Nintendo Duck Hunt was pretty fun. I used to be pretty good at Pole Position. But I've never put anything like the hours into video gaming that a lot of other people do. Actually, even my mother spends much more time playing video games than I do.

Mr. Mom?

It's Not Funny Anymore

It seems odd now to think that just a short time ago, it was considered so intrinsically funny to have the man stay at home and watch the kids while the woman went out to work that they used that as the premise for a sitcom.


Just think about that. The mere idea was considered to be so funny that it would make a good basis for an entire show. Not a very good show maybe, but still. Now things in the USA have changed so much that it's not uncommon to see huge some muscle-bound guy with gang tattoos pushing a stroller down the street, and not looking the slightest bit self-conscious about it.