August 2011

Why Are You Wearing Boys’ Shoes?

At a recent library event, two sisters and their mother were doing crafts next to my five-year-old daughter. All three were decked out in skirts, lots of jewelry, and even those trendy, bird-killing feather hair accessories that are so popular right now.

The girls, who were around my daughter’s age, even wore a bit of makeup—something I wouldn’t allow because A. I value my daughter’s self-concept and B. I don’t believe in slathering on more chemicals than we already ingest in our bodies by simply existing. Both had long, flowing hair, while my daughter’s is close-cropped for the summer, as she chose it to be.

A Working Delusion: Women Work Harder Than Men

A new TIME report finds both sexes work roughly the same amount, just at different tasks.


My wife and I have these little arguments every so often: The ones about who does what more. Usually it's over a sink full of dishes, clothes left draped over a chair, or some other equally insignificant detail. However, with a 6 month old, and two working parents, our household has definitely been in transition. Listening to my female in-laws, there seems to be an over-riding cultural acceptance that they simply work harder than their male counterparts. They see themselves as working during the day, then coming home and taking care of the children, cleaning house, paying bills, etc, while their husbands generally don't contribute outside of their salary.  I've noticed, however, that no two husbands are accused of the same shiftlessness; it's not helping with the house for one, not taking the kids with another, general slobbiness for a third, but the general consensus inevitably becomes, "they're all guilty".