July 2011

10 Rainy Independence Day Activities

It looks like it might be raining in the Midwest today, and while I would never say no to some rain during the summer heat, it doesn’t make for the best firework displays, does it? We also had plenty of rain yesterday (plus a power outage for several hours on our block), so we don’t have to worry about the dry landscape catching fire as much if we are able to do our pretties tonight. But if we can’t do them, what are we doing to do?

There are plenty of other ways to celebrate Independence Day without fireworks, and though your kiddos will be disappointed (you can always do them the next day, right?), here are a few things you can do to help them take their minds off their gunpowder-free celebration.

10. Bake Red, White, and Blue Treats

There’s not much a few sweets can cure, so why not whip up some rice krispie treats or cupcakes and decorate them with the colors of the American flag?

9. Make a General Mess

So you can’t make an outdoor mess. Who said you can’t make one indoors instead? Scatter confetti everywhere. Fingerpaint. Make homemade firecrackers and pop them. Get out the really messy stuff that you normally don’t allow—moonsand, fart putty, whatever you’ve got—and get creative!

8. Make Some Noise

Bang on pots and pans instead of hearing those big “booms” you were expecting. Make a homemade drum and bang on it. Sing karaoke loudly. Have a screaming contest—your kids will love you for it!

7. Make Some Crafts

For younger kids, you might just want to enjoy some quiet time making crafts or coloring. There are lots of ideas for children here.

6. Face Paint

With a little glitter and some red, white, and blue paint, you could have a whole night of fun and laughs! Don’t forget the camera.