May 2011

Working and Parenting

How parenting each weekend and a few hours on weeknights might actually be enough.

     My wife has gone back to work full-time and we've hit a crossroads. As a teacher I'll be watching our daughter this summer, but come August I go back to work and she'll be going into daycare. Our direct influence in our daughter's life will shrink to weekends and a few hours on the weeknights. However, this is the reality for millions of families around the country, and has been for decades. Get up, get the kids ready, get out the door, take the kids to daycare or school, put in an 8 hour day, pick the kids up, head home, and if there isn't practice, rehearsal, or play dates, fix dinner, homework a little play time, off to bed, and maybe the there's enough time to have a nice little adult conversation before you pass out. Repeat.