April 2011

Rain, Rain, Won’t Spoil Our Day

…‘Cause we can still go out and play! Who says that the rain has to interfere with your springtime family fun? The rain itself isn’t an excuse to stay indoors; contrary to popular belief, getting wet isn’t going to make you sick—as long as you’re smart about it and, say, don’t eat the mosquito larvae in the bird bath or whatever. Even then, I’m not sure how sick you might get, though I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Dental Hygiene for the Soul

           Many ancient civilizations believed that teeth were a reflection of a person’s soul, and that the more rotten the teeth, the more rotten the soul.  Of course, now we know that bad teeth are more a reflection of an individual's personal hygiene than their spiritual condition, but there is something to be said for dental health being an indicator of a person’s inclination to take care of their self.

           For instance, the mouth contains more bacteria than any other place in the body except for the colon. (Yes, your mouth and your poop chute are roughly the same level of dirty.)

- Physicians now believe that a person's flossing habits are directly related to heart health.

Free Bowling Games for Kids All Summer

Parents, you know how hard it is to find good indoor activities for kids when the weather is either too rainy to play outside or too hot for kiddos to stand. (Actually, kids will usually play until you make them come in; it’s their health we’re worried about!) Bowling is one of those great indoor activities that lets kids have a good time while enjoying protection from the sun (as well as air conditioning, usually). But it can get pricey, especially during the hottest months of the summer.