March 2011

April Fool’s Fun for Kids

April Fool’s Day is this Friday, so you’d better prepare your arsenal of tricks and tomfoolery soon! When it comes to tricking children—particularly young children—I think a good rule to follow is to do something silly or whimsical rather than prank-ish. While teens may enjoy a good prank (and they may not, too; some things can make people feel very sensitive or hurt, so be careful), children may be less likely to understand a practical joke—or, at least, the humor in it. Here are some fun ways to bring a little silliness into your children’s lives on April Fool’s this year.

March is Youth Art Month

Since March is already National Craft Month, it seems sort of redundant to make it Youth Art Month, too. In fact, wouldn’t it be better to separate the two in order to spread the creativity out a bit further? I say that we, as parents, make every month Youth Art Month as best as we can, using some strategies such as these…

Keeping Them Both Busy

Recently my husband was laid off from a company that he’d spent five years at and had hoped to possibly retire from. After several sellouts, the company had changed so much that it was no longer that lucrative or beneficial to be there anyway, and it was never his dream job, so we’re not crushed, though we are struggling a bit.

Though we have no insurance now, I had thought we would have an easier time of it since I have several clients I’m working for. I figured I could even take on one or two new ones for a while since he’d be home with our daughter. No such luck! If anything, it’s like I have more children at home, and added with our new dog, it’s harder to get work done around here than ever.

St. Patty’s Activities for Families

St. Patrick’s Day is next week, and while my five-year-old is still wrapping her head around it (“I can’t wait for clover day!” and “So Saint Patrick doesn’t bring presents?” and “I don’t want to be pinched by people! Pinching isn’t nice!”) I’m making plans to celebrate with her throughout the week. Sure, it’s not really that big of a holiday—in fact, it’s more of an excuse for Americans to get drunk on green beer than anything else, in my humble opinion—but it’s a lot of fun to get green and make rainbows. Plus, anything with a leprechaun associated it is worth celebrating here in our Shire!

Here are a few of the things that we’re planning on doing. Feel free to use them yourself or add to them with your own post here at Working and Parenting.