February 2011

Ways to Celebrate President’s Day with Kids

If you’re looking for some ways to celebrate President’s Day with your children, here are a few ideas you might want to use this week.

Dress up as Abraham Lincoln or George Washington—the two men the holiday was created for. Have a bunch of fun making a white wig out of cotton balls and cheesecloth, or make a stove pipe hat out of construction paper.

Play White House. Put roles, such as president, vice president, and White House spokesperson all on slips of paper and draw them out randomly. Each person has to act out his or her assigned role for a time period, then switch with someone else.

Winter is the Perfect Time to Teach Kids About Music

I’ve been trying to let my daughter play outside as much as possible—the snow isn’t here forever, after all!—but it’s just not safe enough for us to play out for long. To keep us from going stir crazy, we’ve been playing a lot of games, watching some of the old movies from my childhood (she’s not much into Anastasia or The Swan Princess, but she digs Lady and the Tramp and Beauty and the Beast), and generally making messes in the art room. But lately we’ve rediscovered the music-making that we used to do when she was itty bitty, and it’s been a blast making music with her! Here are a few things you can do to get the groove going during winter doldrums.

Bang on the pots and pans. This is so simple and free, as long as your ears can take it!