January 2011

Valentine Advents!

I’m so excited to get my daughter’s Valentine Advent ready tomorrow evening. A few years ago, I cut out some dividers from a craft box and made a perfect set of 14 boxes (okay, some are different sizes, but they’re great for lollipops) to hold daily treats and activity slips of heart-shaped paper.

To prepare a Valentine Advent, obtain a container or a series of containers, such as envelopes (tiny manila ones work great) or small drawstring pouches (we use those for our Christmas advent). Decorate these for Valentine’s, if possible, with things like paint, heart stickers, and glitter. If you can, you might want to spell out Valentine’s Advent, your children’s names, or anything else you like.

Finding Post-Holiday Family Bargains

Every January, our area is home to so many fabulous family bargains due to the weather. I’d wager that many other areas are similar. Since people are often stuck indoors because of the cold, why not generate some sales by offering big deals, after all? If you’re looking for some fun things to do, head to your local yellow pages (or Yellowpages.com) and start making some calls! Here are some stops you definitely don’t want to miss.

My Little Girl is On Your Team, Too

I recently wrote about the stupidity of the little kids’ basketball team meeting my husband and I had to attend (and by little kids, I mean super little—ages four to six—and by stupid, I mean really stupid, including stupid questions, redundant paperwork, and half an hour of information that should’ve been conveyed on a single sheet of paper), and about how it might’ve been okay if it had been limited to that single disorganized meeting. However, the fun didn’t end there!