October 2010

Memes At Work

Who doesn’t love doing a meme? I know memes have gone a bit out of style with younger generations—e-mailing a list of questions around to all of your friends faded into a ritual of doing the activity online, where you could post the questions and responses to your blog or social networking page. Nowadays, most people don’t seem to be into doing them all that much, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any value.

10 Alternatives to Public School

A lot of people ask me, “If you’re so against the public school system, what do you support?” I support any system that puts the interest of the child first—which can, in fact, include some public schools. However, people are usually interested in the outside-the-public alternatives to education when they ask, and I’m happy to discuss what I know. Normally, however, I just point them over to AERO: The Alternative Education Resource Organization, which is the perfect place to get started when learning about different types of education that are available.

Cheap 'N Easy Halloween Costumes

The cheapest, easiest Halloween costume is, of course, something you have on hand already. Here are a bunch of ideas for Halloween costumes based on things that you may already have around the house.

Princess, ballerina, or queen: This can easily be done with a fancy dress from another occasion, tights, and any accessories acquired for dance or gymnastics classes. Homemade crowns and tiaras can be made with cardboard, construction paper, and glitter—or if you have them lying around from a costume dress-up box, even better.

Real Moms Finding Legitimate Jobs Online

 It’s no secret that I am a stay at home mom that also works from home. Every day I see other moms looking on how to get in on the same action. Not necessarily doing what I do but finding something that they are good at. There are also moms out there that are tired of working outside of their home and would love to be at home with their kids but can’t afford to lose the income they make. For me, it was a combination of things that led me to staying and working at home but finding work wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.