September 2010

Interview with SAHM

While this site makes the distinction between working AND parenting, the fact of the matter is that parenting itself is a fulltime job. Many people (particularly those who are single and/or male and single) claim that since it is unpaid, it is not a job; frankly, that is a load of crap. Parenting never stops, and encompasses everything from being a nurse to a teacher, a chauffer to a counselor, a venting outlet to a life guide, a chef to a maid—all at once.

Wehrenberg Rush Hour Shows are Back!

Going to the movies these days can result in a giant chomp out of your paycheck. Sure, the theaters like to claim that it’s cheaper than ever to attend the movies when you factor in inflation, but we all know that that just isn’t cutting it—especially when our paychecks surely aren’t reflecting inflation!

Now, there are a few theaters around where you can get in a bit more cheaply. We have an AMC theater about 20 minutes away, for example, that offers $5 shows on certain days—but with a family of three, that’s still $15 for a movie, plus the drive. There’s also a theater in the same vicinity that offers all $4 tickets, but it only plays older movies that are about to go on DVD—which is fine, too.

“PG” Does Not Equal “Free Violence Pass”

I’ve written before about how much I don’t approve of violence in films, and how G-rated films (such as Ratatouille, The Princess and the Frog, and many others) contain violence—even guns!—while a single curse word can give a film a PG-rating. I’d much rather my child hear the word “damn” or even see a glimpse of a breast rather than guns and violence, but for some reason filmmakers (and many parents) believe otherwise.