May 2010

May is National Family Month

Should not every month be dubbed, if anything, Family Month? I get that the world is full of singles, loners, travelers, and wanderers; but even most of these people, self-proclaimed bachelors or not, have a family somewhere, someplace.

And if they don’t, they can make one without producing offspring and getting hitched. How many single people have their own tribe, their own group of close friends, or even a weekly book club group? All of these families—not just the standard nuclear ones—should be celebrated each and every month.

In honor of National Family Month, here are some activities you may want to do.

How to Take Care of Yourself

We’ve been reading (and in some of our cases, writing!) reports on how we, as parents, need to really take time out to care for ourselves—both for our own sake as well as our children’s. That’s all well and good, but aside from “read your favorite magazine while your kids nap,” how exactly are we supposed to do that?

Here are a few things you can think about doing in order to care for yourself. My hope is that rather than simply contemplating them, you act on them today!