February 2010

March is Employee Spirit Month

“We’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit, how about you?” Okay, so you don’t need pom-poms and short skirts to show some spirit in the workplace—but you can show up with a little spring in your step if you prefer.

I know how hard drudgery work is. I’ve worked in customer service, fast food, and other jobs with the public. I’ve also cleaned my share of literal crap, babysat lots of kids (both sweet and sour—their parents as well!), worked in a supposedly haunted place that made my heart race on a nightly basis, and done plenty of other things I didn’t enjoy. But at every job I’ve had, I can honestly say that I tried to do my best—and that while there may have been some tense moments, there were plenty of moments where I brought some vivacity and spirit to the job.

Here are some ways you might want to bring some spirit to work this month. Who knows? Maybe it will stick to you!