January 2010

10 Ways to Have Fun at Work

In honor of Have Fun at Work Day, here are ten ways to have a good time while you’re on the clock.

10. Play Practical Jokes

Whoopee cushions never go out of fashion. Neither do hand buzzers, fake gum, fart machines, or fake ice cubes with flies inside them. Just be sure to play your jokes in good fun and that the person being pranked doesn’t get his feelings hurt. My mother’s coworkers used to love to hide fake spiders, snakes, and even a life size NASCAR standup in her private bathroom!

9. Pass Notes

Who says that the note-passing has to stop when you’re out of school? Skip the emails for a day and pass goofy notes to one another. They don’t have to be revolutionary; they don’t even have to make sense: “Do you like albino elephants? Check yes or no!”

8. Have an Interoffice Picnic

Customer Service Day

I think it’s safe to say that most people hate working in customer service. It’s an often degrading, humiliating experience where the person buying your goods or services thinks everything is your fault (I’ve worked in food service, though I hear retail, product services, etc. are all the same) and takes it out on you—sometimes quite cruelly. We used to have this theory that customers are not really themselves when they are buying something (particularly food); that they are more aggressive and monstrous than normal. Sometimes, though, I think that they’re actually themselves. Some people think they’ll get better treatment by being mean, and some bullies just never grow up.