December 2009

January is Financial Wellness Month

If you’re looking for resolution ideas that don’t involve starving yourself, you might want to consider a resolution regarding your financial wellness. Everyone could probably use a bit of money management skills—if not a lot—these days, so why not resolve to increase your financial wellness this year? Here are a few ideas.

Open a Savings Account

You might think that you don’t have much to put in one, but if you stuck in, say, the $40 you spend eating out every other week, you’d have over $800 at the end of the year! This could come in handy when it’s time to renew your plates, pay taxes, or other needs arise—or you could finally take that vacation you’ve been meaning to take.

Stop Eating Fast Food

Start a Christmas Tradition

If you look back at all of the things you remember about your childhood holidays, you probably won’t be able to single out a specific toy or meal (unless it involved a food fight), how clean your home was or how perfect your mother’s strung popcorn was.

Chance are, the traditions that your family had together are probably the most fond memories you can recall today—and why shouldn’t they be? Family traditions and rituals make our lives rich and fulfilling. They’re fun, meaningful, and give us something to pass down to our children.

Taming the Santa Claus Jitters

Luckily for me, my kiddo is completely interested in Santa. She went right up to his lap the first time she met him two years ago and has continued to visit him with confidence every year since, muttering her quirky wishes (another photo of her grandparents, a dog toy, a balloon…) shyly into his fuzzy beard.

Of course, I’ve also considered that this isn’t such a good thing. Sure, I’m delighted that she’s so confident, but am otherwise concerned about her quick taking to strangers. Anything in a suit—from Gumby to Chuck E. Cheese to Daffy Duck—simply delights her, and she instantly wants to hug anyone dressed as such. Teaching “stranger danger” may be a bit harder to do in our home. As it is, we’re not sure she’s completely understood the lessons yet.