November 2009

10 Ways to Combat Fatigue

Fatigue can set in anytime for any working parent—but it’s especially prominent during the holidays. It’s funny, isn’t it? When we’re children we’re so pumped about the holidays that we don’t realize how worn out our parents are—and it’s from making the holidays so special for us to begin with! (Thanks, Mom and Dad.)

To stop fatigue from setting in—or to recover from it—try one of these tips.

Sleep! So many of us neglect this one simple need. Is it really too much to ask to give your body the seven to eight hours of rest it needs each night?

Enlist your kids for help. Maybe some of their holiday cheer will rub off on you. Sometimes all it takes for me to wake up is to dance with my daughter (and her toys; the other way, Stella Stingray and I got quite a groove on to Beyonce).

Make a Tree of Thanks

 Teaching kids about gratitude can be a difficult concept. Like love, fear and other intangible emotions, gratitude can seem like a very elusive concept—especially for small children. To teach kids about gratitude—whether during Thanksgiving or any time—and to do a simple project to express your own gratitude, sometimes it’s fun to make a Tree of Thanks.

We make such a tree each year—either to hang up or to glue in our journals—with simple construction paper. If you prefer, you can always find a template online to use and print out instead. Nick Jr. has a Dora the Explorer version, and you could also simply make one using your own hand as a template.

Today is National Men Make Dinner Day

If you’re like a good friend of mine, you don’t have to worry about your guy making dinner. She’s got a chef for a husband who really knows his way around the kitchen—much better than she does, she’ll even admit.

But if you’re like me and your husband isn’t even home for dinnertime (due to work or any other reason), you know how difficult it can be to whip something up in between working, taking care of the home and kids, and life in general. That’s why this holiday is such a fun one!

And for those of you men who stay at home while your wives work—or who work but do the job of cooking at home—why not use this day as a switcheroo and have your wife make dinner for a change?

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate today’s Men Make Dinner Day: