September 2009

September is National Coupon Month

Who couldn’t use a few coupons to save money these days? I know, I know, clipping them can be a headache, but if they’re good coupons, it can save you quite a bit of money. While 89% of the population reports using coupons at some point or another, you have to wonder how often they do it—and how much they save.

For example, I’m not a fan of “35 cents off when you buy three!” deals. In fact, I wouldn’t consider them deals at all—just really lame sales pitches. In the time it takes you to clip such coupons and use them—and then buy multiple products that you may not even use—you probably could have earned that 35 cents and then some.

But there are great coupon deals out there if you look for them, such as…

Update Your Resume Month

Whether you’re out job hunting, you dream of a new career or you’re even happy with the career you’ve got, dusting off the old resume and giving it an update is always a good idea. A lot may have changed since you last gave it a makeover. Maybe you’ve moved, or you have a new telephone number. Perhaps you have a new job or two to list, or new skills to make sure you have on it.

Even if you think you don’t need your resume right this moment, updating it now can save you time and hassle later. During this 9th annual International Update Your Resume Month, follow the Career Directors International association and do just that. Keeping your resume current, they remind us, will help keep us ready and on our toes should a wonderful new opportunity open up.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while updating your resume.

Child Passengers Safety Week

I remember how I felt when I heard that I wouldn’t just have to buy one car seat, but several—or at least something that would “grow with my child.” In other words, something that would convert to different seats—including booster seats—as she grows.

In a word, the way I felt was neglected. “But my parents never stuck me in a booster seat,” I remember thinking. “I was lucky to get a telephone book!” My childhood memories of car trips include views that were limited to the back of the passenger seat.

Of course, my parents didn’t neglect me—the law simply caught up (a little) with technology. Now that safety measures are mandated, whether you’ve got kids or not, it’s important to know these laws in case you ever do have to transport children. You can find the laws in your state here.

Backpack Safety Month

Whether your tots are tiny or in college, chances are a backpack is a pretty vital component in their busy lives. Toting books, folders, homework assignments, planners, art supplies and even classroom odds and ends like Kleenex or paper towels would be nearly impossible without a good backpack.

And what child isn’t excited about either getting a backpack that has their favorite character, helps express them in some way, or is prime for decorating with buttons, patches and ink? You may even use one in your daily commute to work or on weekend trips. Suffice to say, it’s a pretty necessary—and handy—carry-all to have around.

Million Minute Family Challenge

This fall marks the ninth annual Million Minute Family Challenge. From now until December 31, 2009, your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to spend a million minutes playing board games and card games with friends and family!

You won’t be alone in working toward the million minute goal; don’t think you have to do that many on your own. There will be groups of families and friends logging in hours all across America, working toward the goal of a million minutes played. In fact, if just 1,000 families play for twenty minutes in every state, the goal will be reached easily.

Another goal of the Million Minute Family Challenge is to get families, neighbors and friends talking, connecting and interacting with one another in a world where we’re continually growing further apart.