Weather Proofing Your Kid

Weather Proofing Your Kid

Don’t you just love fall? The falling leaves, the brisk breeze, the 80-degree weather… Yeah, that last part has thrown me for a loop, too. Rather than have a full fall (and spring, for that matter), lately we’ve had two seasons in the Midwest—a brief, super cold season with random snowstorms and a long, super hot season that’s basically unbearable.

This has translated in a number of problems—from crops not growing well to enormous energy bills—and one of the biggest problems is the fact that we don’t always know how to keep our kids safe from the weather. My daughter has complained of being hot and cold throughout the past week because she’s either wearing long sleeves when it’s suddenly hot or short sleeves when it’s suddenly cold—and it’s frustrating trying to keep her comfortable, or safe from sudden sunny days while we’re at the park. So we’ve learned to be prepared for days like this. With a little bit of planning, we can “weather proof” our kids to be prepared for any kind of weather—and hopefully teach them how to be prepared, too.

First, we keep a bag in the car full of the essentials—sun block, two pairs of outfits (both a long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirt, as well as pants and shorts), extra socks, and a jacket. We also keep wet wipes for emergencies, which are handy in any weather, as well as tissues. A water bottle is always a good idea, no matter the weather, as well.

A hat—such as a sun hat or a ball cap—is also good to have on hand. A winter hat, gloves, and a scarf could be good to have on you during winter months, too. Chapstick is also nice to have, though it will melt in the summer months!

We’ve also decided to keep two blankets in the car—one quilt and one soft, fuzzy blanket. The quilt stays in the trunk for impromptu picnics, and the fuzzy blanket is for her to curl up with if there’s a temporary chill in the morning that won’t last, or maybe a sudden night cooling that wasn’t expected. We promised her an ice cream run a couple of weeks ago on a day that became incredibly and suddenly cold; the blanket really came in handy when we had our ice cream.

How do you prepare for travel and keeping kids safe in various types of weather?