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Where to Find a Good Sitter

Working from home means less money out for a sitter. That doesn't mean that you will never need one. As you know well there are days when you just need a break or a few hours to work undisturbed. Fortunately for those who can still afford a sitter every now and then, there are plenty of teenagers out there that are looking for work. The current economy has made jobs scarce for teens too since employers are looking to take on adults with more experience and education right now. If your new in town or have lost your recent babysitter since your job changed to working out of your home, you may have found yourself out of the loop on where to look.
There are several resources out there that you can utilize for your search. A lot of people place posts on craigslist looking for babysitting jobs but like most, I never really trust craigslist when it comes to the care of my child. You can opt to place an ad for interviews for a sitter for a safer route if that is a resource that you really want to use. Just make sure that when you do initially meet that it's in a public place that is safe and comfortable for both parties.
A safer and more reliable place to look is your local churches. Make some phone calls and let the church know that you are looking for a sitter. Every church has youth groups and many teens there are experienced with children since they are given opportunities to work in the church nursery and preschool classrooms. Finding references for these kids is simple and you know that you'll be able to get in touch with them and their family to make sure that everything checks out. Call several churches in your area and set up a day that you will be doing interviews with some of the teens. You may find that you'll even be able to find a back up sitter in addition to the one you choose as your primary. It's a great way to network and make sure that you'll always have someone to call when you them.
Contact your local high school. Most high schools have their own newspaper. When you call ask who you can talk to in that department. Normally one of the school's teachers run the program with several of the student body. Place an ad with them. Ads in the school paper are cheaper than in the local paper and you know that you are getting your prime target audience. This can open the door for a flood of prospective sitters. Be specific as possible for what you are looking for in your ad. You can even ask for those only who have experience with children. Also, check to see if your local high school has an in-house daycare. They may have a bulletin board in there that you can put up for the girls that work in there and you can see what kind of experience they are getting and with what age groups.
When you're looking for a sitter you just have to know where to look. Teens are always looking for ways to make money and baby sitting is always at the top of the list for an easily attainable job. Just be clear about what you are looking for and what you expect from them. Ask for references and follow through with checking them out. Don't forget to treat your sitters well because like you, they network with their friends and if you aren't a great person to sit for, next time around may not be so easy to find a good sitter.