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When You Need To Vent

You spent all night with a fussy baby and woke up to your 3 year old wetting the bed. There are deadlines to be met with work, a pile of laundry that keeps growing and you just don't know if you are going to make it through the day. Normally, you would call your best friend but since she is at work and you at home, there doesn't seem to be an ear to vent to when you need it most. Stop and take a minute to catch your breath and know that there are a tone of mom's out there just like you that you can chat with 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Today, utilize nap time to check out some of these great mommy sites and start making some new friends that are on the same page.
CafeMom is a great place for moms to meet and chat about everything. There are moms on there from all walks of life looking for the same thing that you are; a friend and community that understands the trials and tribulations. You can find groups that are specialized into different topics. There is even a chat group for working mothers where you can meet other moms that are grinding away at home and trying to maintain the family life all at the same time. If you want to break away and find something to chat about that has nothing to do with work to take your mind away, they have many groups for that too. 
ParentingSites411 is a site that you can find articles written by moms for moms about any topic you can think of. They have a very extensive blog roll covering almost any topic you can think of revolving around parenting and mom's that you can chat with once a member of the site. In addition to having some down to earth advice from moms who are "there" you can also pick up a job opportunity. Scroll down and look to the right of the page and click the link Write For Us. What they pay and how they work is all contained in that page. So if you think that you can write and have a lot to say on one of their many topics, then go for it. 
At SBParent you can chat with other parents and make new friends. You can also look through their local directory pages to see what is coming up in the calendar of events that you can take the kids to like play dates and such. Also, once a member of the site, you can create your own calendar and use it to correlate it with other moms on the site that you meet and want to get to know better. There is an array of moms that are going through or have been through struggles just like yours and can help to give you the encouragement to keep pushing on.
All these parenting sites are 100% free to join. If you are like me and have a hard time keeping up with messages on these sites once you do make friends, you can set up your email options in your account to notify you of any changes with your friends when they happen. That way you don't have to feel obligated to log in everyday to check in with everyone if you don't have the time.