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Mommy Needs a Break

Being a stay at home mom definitely has its rewards but it is still a job. Come to  think of it, it's probably one of the hardest jobs there are out there on the market. Granted we don't have to worry about commuting, getting fired or laid off but we still have "co-workers" that we don't always get along with, long hours with lots of overtime and we work holidays without the bonus pay.

I have been a part of many mommy sites since I was pregnant with my first child almost seven years ago and if there is one thing that all of us stay at home moms have in common, it's the lack of appreciation and the feeling that we are single moms, even when we're not. We even find ourselves feeling guilty when we get burnt out and want a break and have to explain why we need a "day off" until we are blue in the face because why should we need a break when it was our choice to stay home? As if we stay home and don't do a thing at all.

I don't know one woman that hasn't had to have this discussion with their significant other. It can be quite difficult to get our point across and it's all about how you go about it. My husband has finally come to see that even though he doesn't see me doing everything I do (because he is at work) he just assumes that they are done and doesn't put much thought into it. This came about after making a list of jobs that I do from the second I get up to the time I go to bed (not to mention the wake up calls in the middle of the night from the kids).

Now his eyes are a little more open and he sees what goes into a day at home taking care of the family and him. I don't ask to go out with the girls every weekend but on the rare occasion (probably less than once a month) it's never a fight anymore. Plus he gets the benefit of me being in a much better mood when I come home. Everyone deserves a day off and a break from the stay at home mom hum drum. Talk to your significant other or do like I did and just leave him a detailed list of everything that needs to be done and don't forget to mention that days off are not permitted.