Why Did You Knock Over My Peanut Butter and Ice Cream?

Why Did You Knock Over My Peanut Butter and Ice Cream?

Because This Is A Protest Meeting!


People in our local Occupy movement sometimes refer to us as “the Occupy family,” because we often show up to meetings and discussions with both little girls in tow. The older one is three and a half, and the younger one is four months old. It looks like it's starting to make a big impression, because Occupy is showing up in the games my older daughter plays.

About two weeks ago, she was pretending that two of her toys were talking with each other. “Why did you knock down my peanut butter and my ice cream?” asked the first toy, to which the second toy replied “because this is a protest meeting!”


I was a little amused and a little dismayed, because it looked like she was under the impression that protests were all about knocking things over. Yesterday she wanted me to play with her, and her new game showed that she had developed a much more complete understanding of what a protest actually is.


In the new game, a pony named Princess Dilestria was trying to get to the Planet That Takes Away Names in order to retrieve the missing name of Nameless Pony. She couldn't get where she wanted to go, though, because Hamster had built a giant wall between Fairyland and Planet That Takes Away Names in order to keep green ants from getting in his house.


Princess Dilestria asked him to take the wall down, but Hamster refused. “If you want to get me to take the wall down,” said Hamster, “You have to do an Occupy protest.”


So Princess Dilestria and Nameless Pony chanted “Occupy! Occupy!” over and over for a long time, and eventually Hamster came out and said “Okay, I give up. If you will make your protest go away, I will take down my wall.”


Of course, they still had to face Mean Princess, ruler of Planet That Takes Away Names, but that's a different story.