Sometimes, a little push is all it takes

Sometimes, a little push is all it takes

My job isn’t to force; it’s simply to introduce.

Yesterday was the beginning of this semester’s bi-weekly co-op in one of our local homeschool groups. It was our first time being in the co-op, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew, however, that my little social butterfly would have a ball if she just let herself.

Lately my daughter has been a bit more shy than usual. I think it’s her age; I was so much shier than she was at six and compared with me, she’s still her usual outgoing self. At any rate, she’s reluctant to try a few new activities lately. The soccer she was interested in last spring no longer holds any interest for her. Now, it’s all about skating, which is fine; as long as she’s got a physical outlet, I am happy.

The classes she is enrolled in for the co-op are music (with a parent’s inclusion) and drama (parent-free). Our co-op is free, as long as you participate and hold a class yourself, which is just awesome—and even though it’s in the city, a little bit of a drive for us, it’s mostly a straight shot up the highway, which works for us. It didn’t even take a quarter tank of gas.

At any rate, my daughter was anxious about these two classes, and I think that’s natural. At the last minute, she said she didn’t even want to do them! I told her that she knows our policy; if we sign up for something she’s interested in, we have to at least give it a try—but if she hates it, we’ll quit.

We’ve done it before with dance class and other activities.

It only took one day at the co-op, however, for her nervousness to subside. She was bouncing of the walls with joy, proclaiming her love for both classes after we attended them. She even made a new friend who is in both of the classes. I was so happy for her—and so proud of her! It would have taken me weeks to find my niche like she did in one day. Watching her blossom is the greatest honor I have ever had in my life, period.

This group fits us so much more than anything else I’ve ever been in; the diversity there is just beautiful. Of course, as shy as I am, I still have a way to go before I am comfortable and brave enough to meet many moms; I did introduce myself to four moms yesterday, which may be a record for me! Baby steps. In the meantime, my little wood sprite has me beat, as usual!