My Kids' Crush

My Kids' Crush

And Her Theory Of Mind-Brain Causality

There's a new boy at my daughter's preschool, and I think she might have a crush on him. Why do I think that? Well, it was just Valentine's Day so we gave her some chocolate hearts. She told us she was going to set aside one for daddy, one for mommy- and one for the new boy at school.

“You're going to save a heart for the boy at school?” her mom asked her. At this point she began to vigorously deny it, in her own unique way:


“No, mama,” she said. “No, mama, I am not. Sometimes little girl's minds go up into their brains and it causes them to make jokes.”


This kid has an entire theory about the brain and its relationship to the mind, though I doubt it would be accepted by either the neuroscientists or the philosophers. She told me several months ago that she was afraid her brain was “causing her” and that this was probably the reason for her occasional fussiness and probably for most of her other behaviors too. Now she has further developed her theory of mental causality and its connections to behavior by adding in the hypothesis that your mind can go up into your brain and make you do things you would not otherwise do. Things such as setting aside chocolate hearts for the new boy at preschool on Valentine's Day.


You see, she doesn't have a crush at all. It's all just her brain!